Episode # 4 On Menopause

How yoga can help alleviate the symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause. Plus some very personal advice on how to improve female low libido and save your relationship from disaster

Guest: Vikky Santana, 500 RYT

Vikky Santana returns this week to the Yogi Apprentice Podcast for a very candid conversation about menopause.

Guest Bio: Vikky Santana 500-hour RYT, Born and raised in Miami, FL. She was first introduced to yoga 30 years ago, it wasn’t until the birth of her daughter 17 years ago that she really saw her life’s purpose. She wholehartedly credits yoga with saving her life and has dedicated herself to the lessons and practices of yoga ever since. Her training’s classic, orthodox Yoga. But her teaching style’s anything but traditional as she distills the ancient practices of yoga in a way that make sense for today’s practicioners. She’s the Team Lead for Hot Yoga and leads the Yoga Certification program at Evolution Yoga in Coconut Creek, Florida. She’s also the creator and founder of KriYin® Yoga

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Show notes

This is the TEDx Talk I mentioned at the beginning of the show:

“If 100% of women experience menopause, why is it a topic we’d rather shy away from than lean toward? As Shirley Weir argues in this inspirational talk, a history of negativity surrounding menopause—from the media and the medical community—has built up a wall of misunderstanding, fear and confusion. It’s time to not only crack open the conversation on menopause, but disrupt it by shifting how we think and talk about perimenopause and menopause, women (and all the men you love us!) can unlock the true power of midlife, view it through a new lens, and celebrate its arrival. “

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