I’m Diana. I love yoga and I love to write.

I started practicing yoga out of curiosity in my late 20’s and absolutely fell in love with it. Yoga quickly became this alluring mind-body connection bridge and I instinctively knew in my heart that one day yoga would become something much more meaningful to me than the one-hour Hatha class I was taking whenever time allowed.

But that had to wait, because like most adults in their late twenties, I was busy getting myself stuck in the rat race and trying to keep it all together while starting a family. I didn’t have time to read or see my friends anymore. Two hour commutes, day care drop-offs, day care pick-ups, diapers, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and paying bills became the frenzied routine. And when I couldn’t take the two hour commutes anymore, I ditched the 9 to 5 job, reclaimed my freedom, and became my own boss creating a baby and maternity fashion line. That’s when things got even busier!

But yoga helped me to cope with being busy and stressed all the time. I didn’t give up my practice, despite the time constrains of being a new mom and a business owner. And boy I needed yoga! Yoga gave me the one or two hours a week that were just for me. Practicing yoga reminded me that there was this vast, peaceful, and sacred space always available within me, if I just learned to breathe and quiet the mind.

And so I’m here now. In my early 40’s. My children have grown up and my work schedule has become flexible enough that I can finally begin to explore what yoga has in store for me, and what of myself I can give back to yoga. I’m so excited and grateful for the new journey ahead.

This is my quest to learn more about the origin of yoga and its physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological benefits. Follow along as I examine and document all aspects of yoga through the eyes of a curious student. From its origin as a spiritual and religious practice thousands of years ago to the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today. The true essence of yoga must lay somewhere in between. And I want to find it. This is my journey as an inquisitive student pursuing the art of yoga. What does it take to be a good yogi in the modern Western world? And what does it take for the student to become a good yoga teacher?

I hear the mat calling and I have a lot to learn…

I am the Yogi Apprentice.