Day 5 — My 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Experience

(I write about my personal experience doing a very intense one month immersion program for my 200hr Yoga Training. I originally wanted to write every day, but didn’t, either out of exhaustion or because I didn’t feel like writing that day).

Yes, I admit it, I’m nervous about my final teaching test in three more weeks. I pretty much succumbed to my nerves yesterday and right now I’m not feeling confident enough to teach a few simple yoga poses, much less a full hour class. I get performance anxiety every time I think about it. But for now, let’s focus on today. It’s Friday and I have the whole weekend to rest and study for my final. Today we start at 9:15am with a slow and meditative KriYin class, which is perfect right now, because I need to relax.

Oh no! It’s not KriYin, it’s the dungeon of the sweaty warriors! I must have confused the schedule and we’re starting with the fast paced Follow the Yogi instead. Somewhere along the standing balancing poses I get lost. Half way through the class, I’m literally melting in the heat. In pigeon pose, part of me screams: “just leave me here. Pick me up on the way out“. I’m a hot mess and I’ve completely lost control of the main thing in yoga: the breath. I’m holding it and breathing out of the mouth.

Feeling defeated and wishing for this torture to be over, I catch a glimpse of Vikky leading the class, our commanding Queen Bee. She’s 54, and this morning she looks magnificent in her black Follow the Yogi outfit. So strong, so confident, and so in control of the class. This beautifully tenacious image of my teacher injects me with enough motivation to stop the whining. My beaten pigeon takes flight again. Let’s move. I can do this!

Human Anatomy

The afternoon is dedicated to an overview of human anatomy. We begin with the type of movements of the body and the locations of movements. This is needed to better understand how our body moves when we practice yoga. Having this basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is essential for any aspiring yoga teacher.

Four weeks, for sure, are not enough to get a full grasp of human anatomy. I mean, doctors spend years studying the human body before becoming experts, and although yoga teachers are not doctors, and there is no regulatory agency for yoga teachers, a good yoga teacher must continue to study human anatomy, after teacher training is over, to be able to internalize a good foundational understanding of how the body moves.

Information Overload

A ton of new information is entering my brain this week and I’m noticing a strange phenomenon taking place: I’m forgetting some pretty basic stuff. For example, the other day I wasn’t able to put my hair up in a bun before yoga class. I’ve done it thousands of times before, but for some reason I couldn’t remember how to wrap my hair up in a bun. In the end I managed, but was a bit perplexed by this. And then yesterday, while in a side angle pose, I couldn’t remember which way to bind my arms under my thigh. I managed yes, but after failing the first time. How strange…could it be that my brain is rearranging things to make room for the avalanche of new information coming at me every day? Has this happened to you?

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