Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology

Hi everyone! just sharing some very exciting news: The New York University Tandon School of Engineering is offering a very interesting course available on

The course is great for yoga practitioners and teachers alike. The name of the class is Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology, and is led by Alexandra H. Seidenstein.

The course will teach how to:

  • Identify the role, structure, and function of human physiological systems
  • Identify the the conditions and presentation of normal and abnormal functioning of human physiological systems
  • Examine underlying physiological mechanisms that connect healthy functioning to yoga practice
  • Practice yoga that targets therapy, prevention, and overall wellness

I’m enrolled and I expect to get a deeper understanding of the physiological benefits of yoga. You can enroll as well. The course is free if you just want access the information, or if you want to get grades and certification, then the cost is only $49. The course gives access to an exploration of physiological systems from the perspective of overall health and wellness. In particular, a focus on yoga, meditation and mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention in chronic illness and long term treatment.

The online course just started and it ends on March 16, 2020

Happy Learning!

By the way, I don’t have any affiliation to Coursera, I just think it’s a great learning opportunity for everyone looking to deepen their knowledge of how yoga impacts our physiology. Go check it out 🙂 Namaste!

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